Are you looking for ways to increase your Google traffic? One of the things you can do is optimise your images for visual search. Let me share my best Optimisation tips with you.

– Good quality images. Choose images that are relevant to your business, and look good.
– Choose the right proportions, make sure the image is not two big as it will be slow to render. Also make sure it is not too small as you’l have to stretch it.
– Image File Type. JPEG for good quality photos. PNG for logos, graphics.
– Keyword selection. Be specific with keywords, for example ‘wall mounted fold down chair in black’, or ‘red stair carpet’.
– File name. Be keyword specific
– Alt Tags. Be keyword specific. Do not stuff.
– Image title and captions. Again be keyword specific.
– Image Size Optimisation. You can find size Optimisation tools on Google.
– Caching plug-in. Install a caching plugin to load locally.

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