High quality backlinks are a huge ranking factor on Google. A backlink is when another website links to your website within their website content. Backlinks from high quality, authoritative websites shows Google your website is good, therefore deserving to be at the top.

But getting links from other sites usually involves creating great content along with a lot of outreach. That is why I want to share my hack with you! It involves creating data based infographics from other popular content.

Here is how you do it:
Get on SEMRush and type in the keyword you want to rank for. You’ll see a list of sites that are ranking highly for it. Look out for pages with a huge number of social shares, and Backlinks. These usually indicate a blog post, or information worth sharing. For example, ‘vegan diet tips’ or ‘best Christmas gifts’.

Once you’ve found the right blog, take all the key points and transform them into a infographic. Then, get in touch with all the websites that are linking to the original blog and share the infographic with them. Ask them if they are interested in adding it to the their blog. You’ll be surprised how many accept your offer as a good infographic always adds value.