On Site SEO Dublin

Rocket your Google Rankings with on site SEO that Google loves! When it comes to implementing your seed keywords on your website, do you need to create a specific page for every keyword that you want to rank for? Yes and No.

I’v been asked this question so many times, because in a way, it makes sense to write as much as possible about each keyword that you want to rank for. However, you have to be logical in approach.  Here is a super basic way of looking at it: THINK LOGICAL!

Google are only interested in websites that have quality content. 

Scenario 1 – Say your an accountant, trying to rank for a few keywords like ‘what is cashflow?’ and ‘cashflow statement’ – both of these keywords could have a page each of their own as they are two separate topics and can be broken down in depth.

Scenario 2 – Say your a beauty salon, trying to rank for ‘white acrylic nails’, ‘black acrylic nails’, ‘silver acrylics’ – there is nothing overly different about these other than colour, so you don’t need to create a page for each one – cover them all on the same page if you can. 

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